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Gabriel is an extremely affectionate Tonkinese who never stops meowing. When I answer the phone at home, because I am talking, he starts talking too. Callers always ask me if my baby is crying, because he is so loud.

When Gabriel was a kitten, his older brother, Trent, came and woke me, and led me into the kitchen, just like Lassie. I heard Gabriel meowing sadly from behind the refrigerator—he had jumped on top and then fallen behind it. I wasn't strong enough to pull the refrigerator out from its niche in the wall, so I made a rope out of a bedsheet, and I tied it to a chair jammed up against the front. Then I hauled myself over the top of the fridge, jumped down to rescue him, and then back out (over the coils!). He never went up there again, thank goodness.

His favorite toy is the feather on a string, and he is a big fan of our heating blanket. He hates having his nails clipped, and he never goes outside, because he is afraid of the Big Room.

— Erin, Web developer


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