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It was a frigid Tuesday in Chicago. The snow was coming down and the roads were packed with ice and snow on this January afternoon. For two days I had visited PAWS Chicago in hopes of bringing home a little kitten friend. I played in "Kitty City" where those little balls of fluff bounced around and tumbled on top of one another, waiting for someone to give them a home.

Fancy was the adult kitty cat peering into the kitten room window, longing for just as much attention as the kittens received. Her unkempt coat and crazy eyes kept away most visitors, but something about her silly little face drew me to pay her a visit. When I made the choice to enter her private room, it was love right away. This little girl cuddled up into my arms and stole my heart.

Now Fancy spends her days grooming her coat to the purr-fect fluff and shine. She loves to chase her laser beam and bat at the air. Her favorite pastime is listening to the piano, happily perched on the chair beside me while I play and sleeping each night in the windowsill watching passers-by and morning squirrels. The truth is, Fancy Cat chose me, and I sure am glad!

— Tina, sales coordinator


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