Sparkly dog leashes

Say It with Rhinestones
The bling-bling sparkle of a letter-perfect rubber and fabric collar might be the next best thing to your pet's name in lights. 

$12 for collar, plus $3 per letter;
Love My Dog Leash - O List

A New Leash on Life
The soft but sturdy suede of this floral-patterned dog lead is washable, so the vibrant colors will stay in bloom even if your pup prefers dusty trails and mud baths to sidewalks. 

Love My Dog, $55;
Steel Pet Feeding Trays

Silverware Optional
These steel feeding trays can be mounted on a wall to match your pet's height—so no more hunching over the bowl at dinnertime. They're also rust resistant for alfresco dining. 

Starting at $155;
Harry Barker Cat Toys

Rope 'Em In
Cats will flip (and pounce, and run in circles...) for this cotton mouse with an extralong tail. Its dog-bone counterpart is ideal for teething puppies: Just wet the toy, place it in the freezer for a bit, then hand it over. 

$8 for mouse, $10 each for bones;
Dogs Uncorked Dog Biscuit Container - O List

Wish Upon a Jar
That's what Buddy will do once he figures out that his favorite treats are stored in this friendly (but airtight!) ceramic container. 

Oprah store dog polo

Polo a-Go-Go
Whether your pooch is playing ball boy on the tennis court or manning the backyard grill, this sporty cotton top guarantees that he's dressed for the occasion. 

Starting at $24;

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