Little Phenoms
Oprah meets talented children.
On September 9, 2008, Oprah launched her search for the world's smartest and most talented kids. From Beijing to Boston, proud parents logged on to Oprah.com and posted videos of their gifted children. "All in all, thousands of little phenoms shared their own special brands of genius," Oprah says.

Hundreds of dancers, singers and musicians shared their talent, while a few offbeat acts stood out from the pack. Oprah says she saw one piano prodigy who could play while standing backward, as well as aspiring Elvis impersonators. One young man even reenacted Oprah's memorable monologue from The Color Purple!

After reviewing thousands of entries, Oprah and her team chose a few to perform for millions of viewers. "These kids are going to blow you away," Oprah says. "Together they're going to dance and sing and hula and bend their way into your hearts."