Oprah's Dog Sadie
Meet Sadie, the adorable new member of Oprah's family. Since being adopted in February, Sadie has had quite the year! She successfully battled parvovirus and has gone on to grace the cover of O, The Oprah Magazine and appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show!
Oprah and Sadie
When Oprah Met Sadie
Oprah and Sadie immediately bond when they first meet at PAWS Chicago, the city's largest no-kill human shelter. "She had licked my ear and whispered, 'Please take me with you,'" Oprah says of their meeting.
Oprah and Sadie
Oprah and Sadie on The Oprah Winfrey Show
Sadie stops by the set of The Oprah Winfrey Show!
Oprah and Sadie
Oprah Introduces Sadie
Oprah and Sadie pose for a picture in front of The Oprah Winfrey Show audience. 
Sadie and blankets
Sadie's Easter Best
After Sadie's battle with parvo, she was ready for some springtime fun!
Sadie on a blanket
Sadie Takes a Break
Modeling can be rough work for a pup. Sadie takes a quick break.
Sadie poses on the blanket
Sadie in the Springtime
Sadie poses for the cameras during her springtime photo shoot.
Oprah hugs Sadie.
Sadie Gets a Snuggle
After fully recovering from parvo, Sadie heads back to the Harpo Studios and gets a snuggle from Oprah.
Sadie and Oprah
Oprah and Sadie at Harpo Studios
Sadie gets a little tender loving care from Oprah after a taping at Harpo Studios. 

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