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I love to have my 9-year-old grandson and his friends come over for an afternoon gathering to do a special project called "glue painting." Each child spreads a special glue on acrylic paper and then adds acrylic paints with objects like sponges, plastic cards, feathers, old toothbrushes, etc. They can be as creative as they like, and it is so easy, relaxing and fun…and you have a colorful piece of abstract art that they can hang in their room when they're done!

If the weather is nice, we might also make a colorful web outside in the yard. The children have balls of yarn that they tie loosely around their waists. Then, they throw the balls to any other child. As the children catch a ball, they pass it round their waists and throw it to somebody else. The process is great fun in itself, but what is remarkable is watching the web develop. Once you have used all the yarn, you pass the loop down and step out of it, then form a circle pulling the web tight. It is hard to believe, but the web is strong enough to hold the weight of a child, and each child gets a turn laying in the center and allowing the rest of the group to support them.

Both of these activities are great for kids and adults too!

After these two activities, the kids love to get into my trunk of old clothes and costumes and play dressup, have a water balloon fight or take turns hitting a piñata filled with candy. We also have a box of questions like, "What person has inspired you the most in your life?" and each child takes a turn selecting a card and answering it.

Suzy of Speedway, Indiana


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