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Sixteen years ago, we visited some friends at their new home in Stansbury Park, Utah. We immediately fell in love with the area. Where else in Utah could you find homes built around a lake and golf course? There was an open house on the lake, and we decided to be "looky loos" and walk through. We loved the house and on the way home had a family meeting to decide if our teenagers would be willing to move. It was decided if they could fish out our back door and have room to ride the four wheelers, it would be worth it. I remember telling my husband, "This is going to be a great place for grandkids to come to."

Through the years we fished a lot, especially when company came over and we had barbecues. Thirteen years later, our first grandson arrived. He has been fishing, catching frogs, going in the paddle boat and loving this place since he could walk. He is totally obsessed with fishing and catches big bass, bluegills and carp all by himself. When my daughter asked him what he wanted to do for his third birthday party, which is in April, he said, "Have a big bass fishing party at Papa and Grammy's." We feel really blessed to have moved here and have these opportunities for our kids and grandkids. It brings out the kid in all of us to catch frogs, fish and be outside enjoying nature.

Pam of Stansbury Park, Utah


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