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Our favorite family activity is hiking. We spend the day together in nature, get lots of exercise and explore new places. Luckily, we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where trails are everywhere. My husband and I even met on a hike on Mount Rainier. Now, many years later, we hike with our son, who is now 6. He loves to hike with us and always is our leader. He even turned down a birthday party with the big blow-up water slides to go hiking.

We work in downtown Seattle weekdays, but on the weekends, we hit the trails. There is just something that feels very good [about] spending the day in the silence of the forest, splashing in a mountain lake or just taking in the views from a mountaintop. Nature recharges us, bonds us and fills us with joy. Did I mention it is almost free too? Just an annual trail pass, gas to the trail head, packed lunch, a good pair of hiking boots, and we are good to go.

Charlene of Bothell, Washington



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