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Plan a Scenic Walk
Channel a bit of "womentum" by planning your own walking tradition, in honor of your mom...and moms everywhere. Some planning tips (and don't forget sunscreen!):
  • Wrap up a new sports outfit or running shoes and send the gift, along with an invitation to take a walk with you on Mother's Day morning.
  • Scout a scenic route for your walk ahead of time. If you can, drive it or walk it with a pedometer so you can gauge the difficulty level for your mother.
  • Before you pick up your mom, gather some treasures and hide them along the route. The items should be personal, like a letter or homemade card, her favorite lipstick, mementos of your childhood (photos of you together, a page from a book she used to read to you), a sunhat with funny buttons pinned to it, a crazy whistle on a chain or maybe a corsage.
  • For extra credit, personalize iron-ons for shirts (or just hand-write signs to pin on your back). Yours might read: "I'm walking for my mom, the most beautiful woman on Earth!" Your mother's: "I'm walking for my daughter because she is making me." Ha!
  • Arrange for a big group to meet you at your finish line, complete with a round of applause.
Remember, the walking outfit is a nice splurge, and finding trail treasure is a nice surprise, but the gift is really the walk. Be sure to enjoy it! The only thing left now is to walk to brunch!

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