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Thoughtful Gifts
You know what makes a mom happy? Knowing she raised a wonderful family. So spend a loving Mother's Day with her that will put a smile on her face. You don't need to overthink or overdo; don't make your celebration feel forced. Just be present in the moments you're together. Here's what I mean.
  • First, remember your manners—be polite, sit up straight, don't drink too much or talk with food in your mouth. Sounds silly, but these little rules fall under the "because I said so" category, the same ones that some of us rebelled against as kids. Show her you were listening all those years!

  • Corsages are a classic touch. Modernize the iconic orchid by going with a wrist corsage, tied with beautiful satin ribbon. Make it yourself, or order from a florist. Or create a family heirloom by making a stickpin with a pearl from your wedding gown or from pieces of family jewelry. Use the pin to attach a flower to your mom's outfit every year.

  • Homemade trumps store-bought. Classic gifts like photos rank high on the list of what mom wants. Be unique with your presentation. Channel your inner artist and give her a series of three photos presented in chic black frames. Take black-and-white shots that don't capture straight-on smiling faces; try more of a documentary approach. Think photographic series! Capture the kids making the Mother's Day card. First, take a snap of the supplies before they begin; next, the kids creating the card; then show the kids proudly displaying their creations.

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