Jean Chatzky
There are social networking websites aimed at young adults and college students—now, there's a place on the Web that's specially designed for moms! Co-founded by Erica Rubach and Joani Reisen, MomSpace gives moms the ability to connect locally and meet nationally. Erica and Joani say MomSpace is based on the foundation of moms sharing ideas, recommendations and references about day care centers, financial services and more. Users can also log on to a local calendar of events to find networking events, social activities for couples and playdates for their kids.

Jean talks to Erica and Joani about the complete concept behind their venture and how MomSpace can be beneficial to moms of all ages:

  • Joani and Erica call MomSpace a "utility site" as opposed to a social networking site because of the tools and resources available.
  • "Our site is based on the whole mom, not just moms with young kids," Joani says. She says there is a tendency for magazines and other websites to target only young mothers, but MomSpace has found that women of all ages want and need help.
  • If you take care of yourself as a woman, you're going to be a much better wife, mom and even employee, Erica says. Everyone needs a little "me time."
  • On the site, you can look for information on everything from travel ideas to beauty and fitness to home and garden. Often the best tips and ideas come from your peers.
  • MomSpace highlights jobs and other work or volunteer opportunities, allowing women to define their careers based on their flexibilities.
  • If you are looking to start a business venture, Erica and Joani say to stick to something you know because you will have a much easier time making money.
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