Mindy McCready's Deadly Denial
Mindy McCready
Mindy McCready's life story reads like a country music song.

At 18, Mindy left her childhood home in Florida and headed to Nashville armed with a few karaoke tapes and a dream. After just a year, Mindy scored a big-time record deal, recording "Guys Do It All the Time" on her debut album, Ten Thousand Angels. But three years after being crowned country music's new sweetheart—some even dubbing her "the next Shania Twain"—Mindy's life began to unravel.

She lost her record deal and ended a rocky engagement to Lois & Clark heartthrob Dean Cain. In just the past year, Mindy has made headlines for multiple run-ins with the law. She's been arrested for DUI, prescription drug fraud, and involvement with an alleged con artist. In May, Mindy says she was nearly beaten to death by her boyfriend, Billy McKnight.