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Psychotherapist Dr. Robin Smith says that Mindy is in deadly denial. "You're sitting here right now trying to hold onto a dream that is about to take your life," Dr. Robin tells Mindy. "Not only is that serious, but now you're carrying a life. It's not just your life now that's on the line, but it's the life of your unborn child.

"Love doesn't ever batter. Love doesn't ever demean. Love doesn't strip people of their well-being and their hope. Love doesn't do that."

"Love isn't painful," Oprah agrees. "I think people often think, 'The more pain I go through, the deeper the love.' Love doesn't hurt."

"Part of breaking the lie for yourself is—even if you have been telling yourself that you love him—I want you to know today you don't love him," Dr. Robin says. "Now, you may not know that yet, and it might scare you to not love him because you don't quite know who you are. See, that's what abusers do—they start defining who you are and you think you're nothing without him. That's a lie."
FROM: Exclusive: Why Country Star Mindy McCready Tried to Kill Herself
Published on November 03, 2005


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