Meaningful Moments
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Living well expert Sandra Magsamen says that no matter what age your child is, 2 or 22, the need for a hug is never outgrown. There are infinite ways to say "I love you," and as your child moves into their dorm or their own dwelling, you will find the ways that best celebrate you and your relationship. Use these ideas to keep your connection going.

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

While I was on the train the other day, I happened to overhear two men dressed in business suits talking. One said, "My mom gave me a 40th birthday present last night. I had no idea she had saved all the artwork I made as a kid. She framed one of my paintings, and gave it to me to celebrate my birthday." The other man said, "Wow, really?" The first man replied, "Yes, I loved art in school, and for so many years I haven't had the time to do it. My mom recognized that, and wanted to remind me how important it was to me."

Isn't that amazing? What a great gift—a piece of art, plus a reminder to do what you love. So many parents keep old school reports, art or class projects in a file, a trunk or in the garage. These treasured "relics" might be just the right gift at the right time. In short, you may already have the best gift you can give.