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Other Ways to Stay Connected
  • Make Friday nights game night—relax together with pizza, some healthy snacks and competition. Invite your children's best friends to join you.
  • Make a family history book using favorite words, photos and souvenirs.
  • I love a good game of black out: Turn off every light in the house (including night-lights and VCR lights) and play hide-and-seek. Prepare to have a blast tripping all over each other and even getting spooked a time or two.
  • Plant a garden with butterfly bushes and enjoy the visits of hundreds of butterflies.
  • Create a revolving art gallery of your kid's work in your home. Show them you think their art is a masterpiece. String wire between two hooks and hang the art with clothespins
  • Turn off the TV and put on your own plays and musicals, and share stories.
  • Turn on the soothing sounds of jazz and watch your family relax. Make a CD of your family's favorite tunes to be played on long car rides or rainy Sunday afternoons.
  • Create new everyday rituals: warm vanilla milk, a story or a kiss on the forehead before bedtime—special touches that will help your child drift off to a peaceful sleep.
  • Plant a garden together, and then watch as the seeds grow.
  • Make a video of your grandparents. Interview them about their lives and ask the funny questions that will brighten their faces and make them laugh. This project will become a cherished family heirloom.


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