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Share What Matters
There is no end to the ways in which we can share what's in our hearts. Teach your children at a young age that what they think matters. This is a short and sweet example of a family that created a book for a special celebration. Their beautiful book, Love is, was made to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary. The children and grandchildren of the love birds each thoughtfully described the lessons they'd learned about love from their mother and father (or grandmother and grandfather). Lessons like: "Love is: Even when Grandpa forgets to pick up Grandma at the hairdressers, she still loves him." And, "Love is: "When Dad sat up all night when Mom got the flu, just to be sure she didn't need anything." And, "Love is: When Grandma lets the dog up on the sofa and lets her lick out of the ice cream bowl, and Grandpa doesn't get mad." And, "Love is: When Mom tells Dad that her favorite room in the house is the one he is in." And, my personal favorite, "Love is: When Grandpa calls Grandma Sweat Pea."