Remaining seductive—flirting, dressing up, nibbling his neck, leaving her notes—is a part of a successful long-term relationship.

Marriage and Long-Term Relationships

  • A lifelong partner usually does not have all the characteristics of your idealized fantasy lover.
  • The biggest enemy of sex in long-term relationships is anger.
  • The partner with lower desire always controls the sexual relationship.
  • Less than a third of married couples say they have taken a shower together.
  • A good long-term relationship includes trust: continuing jealousy means something is wrong.
  • You can have fulfilling sexual experiences at 90, if you're healthy and sexually involved at 60, 70 & 80.
  • People who didn't like sex much when they were younger tend to give it up after 50.
  • People can have fulfilling, active sex lives after they've had a heart attack without risking their health. It's not more dangerous than climbing a flight of stairs—and a lot more fun.


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