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Over the years, Grant and Tamia say the tough times have made their love stronger. And, they have two reasons to keep fighting—their daughters, 5-year-old Myla and 3-month-old Lael.

When he's not traveling with the Phoenix Suns, Grant spends time at home, doting on these two little ladies. "The role of being a father is just super important, especially with little girls," he says. "First and foremost is to treat their mother with the utmost respect and love."

Grant hopes his commitment sets a good precedent in his daughters' lives. "[I'm] raising the bar so high that if any guy comes around she can say, 'Oh I'm not impressed. You bought me a flower for Valentine's Day. My dad has been buying me two dozen flowers every Valentine's Day and chocolate,'" he says. "That's important because, a lot of times, the first man that a girl or woman falls in love with is her father."

Even when Grant gets home late from a basketball game, he says he always gets up and takes Myla to school. "That's our time," he says. "No matter what time I get in or how tired I am, I want to be with her in the morning. … That's daughter and father time."

Although Tamia loves seeing Grant with their daughters, she says it can be bittersweet at times. "I didn't grow up with my biological father in the house," she says. "I'm proud, on one hand, that I can give that to [my children], but it breaks my heart sometimes to see the interaction and see what I've missed out on."

At the end of the day, Grant says his children are the legacy he'll be most proud of. "No matter what your achievements are in life, it's about raising your children to become good, successful, respectable human beings," he says.
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Published on January 01, 2006


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