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In 1996, on The Oprah Show stage, Herman and Roma gave Oprah a moment she'll never forget. Herman stood and addressed his wife: "Darling, you've fed me when I was hungry. You fed me when we were married. You fed me…until now. But now I'm not hungry anymore, and I'm hungry for your love!"

Since that day their love has continued to grow. Herman and Roma have now been married for nearly 50 years. He says he's learned a valuable lesson from love. "Every morning when I get up I say, 'I love you. I love you. I love you,'" Herman says. "And not only [do you say], 'I love you,' but you mean it."

Eleven years after their first Oprah Show appearance, Herman decides to honor his wife again—this time by getting down on bended knee. "Sweetheart, it was 64 years ago when I first saw you," he says to Roma. "My mother came to me and said to me, 'I'm sending you an angel.' And a couple of days later you appeared at the other side of the fence while I was in a concentration camp. Then in 1957, 14 years later, I had a blind date, and it was you. Now our 50th anniversary is coming up. With this ring, my dear, I pronounce my love for you forever. And as this ring has got no end, my love for you doesn't have any end."

"You have become the beautiful metaphor for what love can be," Oprah says. "For endurance, and fate and destiny."
FROM: The Greatest Love Story We've Ever Told
Published on January 01, 2006