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After catching up with his long-lost foster sister backstage, Seal returns to sing "Amazing," a song from his album System.

This album also features a duet by Seal and Heidi called "The Wedding Song," which Seal wrote the morning of their wedding. "I guess I was thinking to myself, 'What is it that I want to say, first of all, and most people would really want to say on their wedding day?'" he says. "And out came that song. … The best songs always happen like that. They tend to be quite effortless."

Seal says his wife is his best friend, first and foremost. "There are certain things that you may take for granted with your spouse, but there are very few things that you really take for granted with your best friend," he says. "You never really want to let your best friend down. The fundamental thing that you have for your best friend is respect. That's why I view her first as my best friend…then my wife."
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Published on January 01, 2006


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