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What Seal doesn't know is that Heidi put Oprah Show producers in touch with Seal's foster family, the Schoolings, who are eager to share stories of Seal's childhood.

They remember Seal as a little boy named "Henry" who liked to play on the seesaw. "Wherever we went, he was always there," says one member of the Schooling family. "It was just like being a brother to us and that was it. He was another addition to our family, and we just never treated him any different to anybody else."

When Seal went to live with his mother, the Schoolings say they wanted to get into contact with him, but they didn't know how.

To help bring back memories of his early childhood, Oprah Show producers put the Schoolings' family photos in an album for Seal. "He's never seen pictures of himself when he was a little kid," Heidi says. "Every time we talk about when he was a little boy, he has no memory and he has no one that could ever tell him anything."

Now, he has photos and someone to share stories with. Oprah flew Hilary, Seal's foster sister, all the way from London for a surprise reunion!
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Published on January 01, 2006


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