Let's Talk About Sex
Winnie got a new house after having great sex with her husband.
Why do you have sex? Experts at the University of Texas at Austin recently interviewed 2,000 people about their sex lives. The study found out that people have sex for 237 different reasons, ranging from the very funny to the deeply serious, including: I wanted a job, I wanted to change the topic of conversation, I was afraid my partner would have an affair if I didn't and I wanted to feel loved.

We wanted to see for ourselves how attitudes about sex are constantly changing, so we hit the streets asking the same question. We got some surprising answers, including Winnie's. "I wanted a new home and I got it and everything in it that I wanted because of giving the right sex at the right time," she says.

Winnie says she saw a gorgeous home, and she told her husband of 44 years about it that night. "He hawed about it and I said, 'I'll give you the best sex tonight you have ever had. I don't care if it's all night,'" she says. "And so we did and I got the house the next day."

Now that Winnie has her dream house, she says she and her husband love to do it in places other than their bedroom. "We live on the golf course so we use the golf course at night," she says. "Very romantic."