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Oprah says that one of the most surprising results from the Oprah.com sex survey regarded pornography. We asked, "Has pornography affected your sex life?" Of the 50 percent of those surveyed that said pornography has affected their sex lives, 72 percent said it has been in a positive way.

Research is now finding that women are on the verge of an entirely new kind of sexual revolution. In the $12 billion adult entertainment industry, $1 out of every $4 is spent by a woman.

Janee, who says she has a small collection at home, says she prefers to call it erotica or adult film—to her, the word porn has a negative connotation. "I think with respect to my mother's generation, her mother's generation, you know, exploring the adult entertainment industry was just unheard of. It probably wasn't even an option for them," Janee says.

Janee says that there are now more women producing and directing adult films, which, in her opinion, have improved in recent years. Dr. Schwartz says, "You're not supposed to watch it more than four or five minutes, you know!"
FROM: 237 Reasons to Have Sex
Published on January 01, 2006


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