"When bringing a new baby home, we think we are doing the right thing by scrubbing the nursery spotless or cleaning the carpet. When doing this, we are actually inviting dangerous chemicals into our baby's world." —Kelly Preston

Actress Kelly Preston, wife of John Travolta and mother of Jett and Ella Bleu, is a member of The Children's Health Environmental Coalition. Kelly shares some advice for keeping your baby safe.

Cleaning Alternatives
"We've been trained to think that a house that's clean smells clean, but the smells are chemicals," explains Kelly. Learn to use alternatives such as:
  • Baking soda to clean the bathroom
  • Vinegar and water to clean windows
  • Any cleaning product labeled "non-toxic"

Beware of New Decor
"We assume that if it's sold in a store, it must be safe," says Kelly. This isn't always the case. She suggests these guidelines:
  • Don't install new carpet in your baby's room. That "new carpet smell" could be fumes from plastics, formaldehyde and glues.
  • Don't paint. Read the small print on paint cans. Many paint cans say that they contain solvents that could cause permanent brain and nervous system damage.


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