Most parents want a clean environment for their little ones. Unfortunately, the chemicals in most cleaning solutions can be harmful to children.
Actress and mom Kelly Preston knows this too well. As a member of The Children's Health Environmental Coalition, she's dedicated to keeping a home that's safe and clean.

In her home, Kelly uses natural alternatives that pose less risk to children. Here's some of her advice for keeping chemicals to a minimum:

Cleaning Alternatives
"We've been trained to think that a house that's clean smells clean, but the smells are chemicals," Kelly explains. Use alternatives such as:
  • Baking soda to clean the bathroom
  • Vinegar and water to clean windows
  • Any cleaning product labeled "non-toxic"

Beware of New Décor
  • Don't install new carpet in your baby's room. That new carpet smell could be fumes from plastics, formaldehyde and glues.
  • Don't paint. Read the small print on paint cans. Many paint cans say that they contain solvents that could cause permanent brain and nervous system damage.


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