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Looking back, Jim says past heartbreaks and breakups have helped him prepare for this time in his life. "Everybody else was a teacher for me," he says. "The hardest ones, of course, gave me a respect for love...for the power of it."

When Jim first met Jenny and Evan, he says had an inkling they would become part of his family. "When Jenny came into my life, it wasn't a matter of being out of my mind or over the moon. It was a matter of...the answer always came back 'yes' when I asked questions about her in my head," he says. "Do you want to hang out with this person a lot? Yes. Do you want to see her tomorrow? Yes. Do you feel comfortable with her? Yes.'"

Even though Jim couldn't communicate with Evan in the beginning, he says he knew there was something special about this little boy. "He was such a light. It was undeniable," he says. "I knew it was something important in my life. ... These children, we need them more than they need us. They're here for us to learn."
FROM: Actress Jenny McCarthy: Warrior Moms
Published on September 24, 2008


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