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Jenny says it's not just parents of autistic children who are frustrated. While traveling the country and speaking with thousands of parents, Jenny says she realized every mother and father is afraid for his or her child. "It's not just the autism community. There are women backstage at your show who are pregnant going, 'What do I do?' It's a real fear," she says. "They're not just listening to Jenny McCarthy. They're listening to their next-door neighbor's stories and their best friend's stories."

In the past, Jenny says she has invited representatives from the American Academy of Pediatrics to study her son and other children like him. "[I] said, 'Please come and look at our kids. Look what we did to make them feel better." Jenny says the American Academy of Pediatrics has not taken her up on the invitation.

Although a restricted diet and vitamin supplements worked well for Evan, Oprah says treatments like these may not be effective for other autistic children. "[It] may work for some, may not work for others," she says. "But that's what the warrior spirit is all about—trying, trying, trying."
FROM: Actress Jenny McCarthy: Warrior Moms
Published on September 24, 2008


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