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Aside from adjusting to finally having a real family, the kids also experienced culture shock. Debbie says the police arrived at her door one day because her son, James, thought you could dial 911 and call anyone you wanted.

Lysa describes the time the pork tenderloin she wanted to make for dinner went missing. "The kids were helping me unload the groceries and my son, Mark, inadvertently put some pork tenderloin and a frozen pizza underneath his bed," Lysa says. When she asked about the roast a few days later, Mark ran and got it for her. "Of course, we did not have it for dinner," Lysa says.

Lysa and Art's son Jackson says he's always prayed for a mom and dad. Now that his prayers have been answered, Jackson says he has an easy response when asked about having a white mom by friends or classmates. "It's God's plan because God has a plan for everybody," Jackson says.

"Love knows no color and you guys are great examples of that," Oprah says.

Go behind the scenes of our North Carolina photo shoot with the boys and their families!

Read the full story on the group of Liberian orphans who found homes, love, and family in North Carolina in the December 2006 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine.
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Published on January 29, 2007