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That fateful concert was just part of the miracle that was about to happen. In all, 14 families from this North Carolina community adopted a total of 31 children from the same orphanage.

Although these children found happy endings, there were still adjustment periods within each family. "Some of the adjustment is having a mom and dad and realizing these people are committed to me for life," Genia says. "Part of that has to do with setting boundaries and disciplining and just communicating."

Lysa's husband, Art, had to adjust to having two preteen boys enter their world of pink dresses and Barbie dolls. "Honestly, I was a sergeant about the whole thing," Art says. At first, he assigned the boys and girls to stay in separate parts of the house. "But I think that lasted all of about two weeks," Art says. "The girls and the boys were interacting as if they had been brother and sister all along. There was an innocence there that was real and that was genuine."

As for getting older brothers, Lysa and Mark's daughter Ashley was thrilled. She says her friends at school thought it "was really cool" when they found out. "I really like my brothers. They're fun to play with," she says.
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Published on January 29, 2007


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