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Although Art says he was initially "shell-shocked," the couple decided to welcome the boys into their home. But Lysa's four best friends were not as excited as she had hoped. "All I could think is, 'You're going to bring two almost teenage boys from another country into your home? Are your girls going to be safe? Is this wise?'" Lysa's friend Cindy says.

Still, Lysa convinced her friends to attend a choir performance and listen to them perform. After meeting the boys, each of her friends had a change of heart. "As they started to sing, something happened," Genia says. "I just realized that there is a strength in them that resonated with me." Genia and her husband Rob already had two adopted children, but after some thought and discussion they decided to add Robert, another Liberian orphan, to their family.

The other three friends also decided to take these boys into their homes—including empty-nesters Debbie and David who adopted six kids!

Cindy and her husband Mark say that adding Nyan to their family has been more rewarding than they could have imagined. Nyan has bonded with their daughter Sophie, but he's formed a special relationship with their son Dominick, who has special needs. "Everyone looks at us and sees us and says, 'Wow, you guys have done a great thing,'" Mark says. "And it's so funny because, really, the blessing's been ours."
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Published on January 29, 2007


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