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Unlike the Hollywood couples who break up in the blink of an eye, Holly and Rodney have been together for more than a decade. What's their secret for making love last? Holly says they keep their relationship fresh by scheduling romantic dates at least once a month.

"We do hotel runs," she says. "We'll run down the hill and go to the quiet little [hotel]. ... [For] one night, [we] pretend we just got married and don't have any kids."

To commemorate their 10th year of marriage, Holly and Rodney renewed their vows in Las Vegas with 70 friends and family. All four of their children participated in the ceremony. "We were proud," Rodney says. "Where we live in Hollywood and L.A., people are breaking up left and right. For us to be together for 10 years we were, like, 'Let's celebrate that.'"

This special ceremony also signaled a new chapter in the Peete household. After Rodney retired from the NFL, he stopped traveling as often and is now home year-round with Holly and the children. At first, Holly says she had a tough time going from "alpha parent" to co-parent, but now she's happy to have him home 12 months out of the year.
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Published on January 29, 2007


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