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Since the birth of their twins in 1997, Holly and Rodney have added to their family. In 2002, Holly gave birth to a son, Robinson; and in 2005, they welcomed baby boy Roman.

Holly says she wanted to have a third child to see what it was like to have one baby at a time. "Every time we went out of the house [with the twins], it was a three-ring circus," she says. "So literally five years later I started saying, 'Well, I wonder what that would be like just taking one baby out.'"

Their fourth child came as more of a surprise. "[I think] Rodney put something in my drink," Holly jokes. In fact, Roman almost surprised a room full of celebrities the night he was born. Holly and Rodney were attending a glamorous Ebony magazine party when Holly's water broke!

With four children under foot, Holly says she doesn't want any more babies. Now, she's just waiting for Rodney to stop putting off his vasectomy appointment with "Dr. Snippy."
FROM: Fascinating Families
Published on January 29, 2007


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