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Surviving a Hurricane and Bear Attack
Deacon and his smooth collie housemate were let out to use the bathroom the evening of a hurricane, and for some reason, the other smooth collie decided to take off and Deacon decided to followed her. During the night, they were separated. The collie stayed at a wood lot, but Deacon made it to a small farm. The next day,, a door blew off a pen of turkeys belonging to the farm's owner, and the turkeys got out. Despite having never been trained to herd, Deacon herded all the turkeys back into the pen.

Deacon showed off his heroism again during his stay with his handler/co-owner, Natasha, in New York. She took Deacon out for a run around the paddock one morning, and while she was tending to the other dogs, Deacon suddenly began barking and acting very strange. Natasha was yelling at him to come, but when he resisted, she knew something was wrong. Natasha saw the reason for the commotion—a bear. Deacon continued to growl and bark at it and finally chased it out of the yard, watching it run across the road up to the woods. Had it not been for Deacon's bravery, the bear would have likely done some major damage while searching for food around the house.


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