Q: How do you take the keys away from an elderly relative who is resolutely independent and insists on driving?

A: "Sometimes the superelderly just need to know that their needs will be cared for. Explain to Pop-Pop or Nana why driving is dangerous, and reassure them that you or someone else will be there to help with grocery shopping, medical appointments—and trips to the casinos."
Anita L. Allen, professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School

"My 75-year-old mother gave me the best advice I've ever heard: She said to realize that the older person has been driving longer than anyone attempting to take their keys, so being told to stop would be received more favorably from a trusted professional third party rather than from their child."
Rudy Rasmus, pastor of St. John's United Methodist Church in Houston

"Do it as nicely, gently, and reasonably as possible. But do it no matter what."
Jack Marshall, president of ProEthics


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