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Strike a Pose
Hiding in the last row because you think you're not photogenic? Be part of the history of the event! Angela Janklow, the former managing director of Dolce&Gabbana, gave me the best advice on this one (she should know, she once had to pose for Vanity Fair mag with Brooke Shields). Her cheat sheet for surviving that photo session, and each one since, reproduced for your reading pleasure, is as follows:

  • No one takes great photos straight on. Figure out which is your best side.
  • Turn 3/4 to the camera with your best side facing the camera.
  • Slightly lower your chin and raise your eyes.
  • Avoid multiple cameras taking the same shot (they all won't catch your best side).

The most important advice is to summon joyful emotional energy and throw it at the camera. This makes a huge difference; Angela calls it "flirting with the camera." Since the eyes of the individual taking the photo are hidden by the camera, you have nothing to connect with—most of us pull back and the camera catches us in that state. Imagine that you are sending forward an unspoken happy message with your eyes, and really, the camera will catch it! Try it, you'll see.

Now you all you have to do is make sure the happy couple have the greatest night of their lives!

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