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Up the Romance Opp
Married? Consider the wedding a date for romance and be especially affectionate with your honey. On the way to the ceremony, program the car with your personal greatest hits album to get psyched up (for me, it's Gavin Rossdale's "Love Remains the Same"). Once you arrive, break the ice for the other guests with public displays of affection.

If you're flying solo, remember that even if you arrive alone, you need not remain alone. This is an opportunity, a potentially life-changing-for-the-better opportunity—seize it! Steal a flower from a centerpiece and wear it in your hair (or your lapel), or present it with great pomp to someone who looks fun. Hit the singles' table with a bucket of optimism. Be open to the possibility of surprise in the form of an interesting stranger or even an old friend. Okay, you might not meet The One (cue the trumpets), but you never know until you do, and that's certainly worth rolling the dice.

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