Gayle King
Are you curious to know exactly what your husband is thinking? Do you wonder how your otherwise smart and caring man can be seemingly inconsiderate and incompetent when it comes to picking up his dirty laundry or putting the toilet seat down? Gayle looks for answers with Stephen Fried, the author of Husbandry: Sex, Love & Dirty Laundry—Inside the Minds of Married Men.

When it comes to cracking the dirty socks dilemma that so many wives face, Stephen says men just aren't thinking. He says it's not that men don't care—they're simply hardwired to have a different attitude toward things like cleaning up. "I want to medicalize this problem because then it's a little bit easier for guys to justify that they keep doing it," he jokes.

As for other male behavior stereotypes—such as whether or not men care about their own appearances or family holidays—Stephen sets the record straight. Through countless interviews, candid locker room conversations and his own personal experiences, Stephen says that married men do in fact worry about things like their weight, hair loss and picking the perfect presents for their wives.

Stephen, who has been married 20 years, says he himself is guilty of many annoying habits that drive his wife crazy. But by learning to accept and respect each other's foibles, he says couples can live happily ever after. "You have to be able to separate out the frictions that people have from whether they're in a good relationship," he says.


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