Ken Wants Nicole to be wilder in the bedroom
Nicole and Ken have been married for four years. He wants to spice up their sex life. She says she is embarrassed and "feels like an idiot."
"My husband wants me to talk dirty to him…I have no clue what to say," says Nicole. "I try to, you know, call him up on the phone, and say, 'Hey, why don't you come home right now, you big hunk of man.' It just doesn't come out right for me!" says Nicole.

Nicole has a drawer full of sexy lingerie but doesn't know what to do with it. She's gone online to purchase how-to books on improving sex, but she chickens out before she can place an order!

"Is my husband right? Am I too uptight? How do I overcome my sexual anxiety and learn to embrace my sexuality?" Nicole asks.

Expert Advice
E. Jean Carroll, Elle magazine advice columnist and author of Mr. Right, Right Now, says many women feel the same way Nicole does. The first thing is for Ken to stop pressuring Nicole. E. Jean suggests that Nicole buy The Joy of Sex and flip through the book alone. "Just put Post-Its on each of the little positions that you think might be enjoyable—read it by yourself and then give the book to your husband, that takes care of you."

E. Jean says Nicole is suffering from the "nice-girl syndrome," and that deep down inside, she wants everyone to think she is "a good girl." E. Jean says Nicole—and every woman in America—should declare her own "goddess day", "where we can behave wild—and tell yourself you have license that day to act completely wild."

She also gives Ken a tip: Placing a blindfold on Nicole will help her to "find" her sexual identity.

"So no matter what you do," E. Jean tells Nicole, "it's not going to count! You're not even you. You are somebody else and you are [a] new woman it's going to be hot and juicy!"


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