Rabbi Shmuley Boteach
When he was just a child, Rabbi Shmuley's mother and father divorced, and his mother moved her children across the country with little money and few possessions. It was one of many selfless acts Rabbi Shmuley says his mother made for the sake of her children. "This woman … raised five kids on her own, working two jobs. … She did all this without anyone to support her through it, to nurse her through it," Rabbi Shmuley says of his mother. "[Hers was] a life of sacrifice, a life of total devotion to her children, so much so that I live in awe of who she is."

As Rabbi Shmuley salutes his mother this Mother's Day, so do callers from across the country who share stories about their mothers and share their aspirations about the kind of mothers they hope to be.

Today's Shmuleyism
"In a culture where we look to artificial heroes for inspiration and guidance, we need to look no further than our very own moms, who sacrificed so that we could prosper and who gave so much so that we could feel loved."