What Were They Thinking? The Dos and Don'ts of Holiday Cards
The brains behind Awkward Family Photos on what not to do—and a professional photographer on how to avoid ending up on their blog.
Family in Christmas vests
Don't Buy Matching Outfits
One Christmas outfit is bad enough. "You're already related, you probably look alike—you just need to add that one more element?" says Mike Bender, co-founder of Awkward Family Photos. He and Doug Chernack started the blog in 2009. Now the site gets 1.5 million visitors a month, and the duo is following up their best-selling book Awkward Family Photos with Awkward Family Pet Photos.

Do Wear Complementary Colors
When award-winning (read: not awkward) family photographer Michael Jurick discovered the AFP book he found himself laughing out loud in line for tech support. He strives to keep his photos off the site, but he knows how tough it is to get the perfect shot. As for what to wear to your photo shoot, Jurick recommends looking to your environment. If you're taking photos in the fall leaves, go with earth tones. At the beach, jeans, khakis and lighter colors work well. For holiday card photos, he has one piece of advice: No one will be able to focus on your smiling faces if your glittering holiday sweater is stealing the spotlight.