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Through it all, Babyface says he and Tracey gave their kids one key message—no matter what, they are loved. In fact, the divorce inspired one of the most heartfelt songs on Babyface's album Playlist . Babyface wrote "Not Going Nowhere" for his boys and based it on "some of the conversations we had and their feelings and just wanting them to know that I wasn't going anywhere," he says.

"The main thing is that what's more important to them, I feel, is that they see that you're happy and that you're happy with them, you're happy with the mom. You're happy with the dad. That everybody's cool," he says. "Because the more that everybody's cool with each other, the more it eases them."

Gary says Babyface and Tracey have done the right thing. "There's no doubt that no matter what you do, like you're saying, if they know that you love each other and love them, the kids can get through anything," he says. "If their parents are really loving them and hearing them, they can get through any kinds of circumstances."

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FROM: Divorce 911, Plus Babyface: His High-Profile Split
Published on January 01, 2006