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In 2005, Bill met a young man named William whose story he says he will never forget. William, a self-admitted "mama's boy," grew up in a poor crime-ridden neighborhood outside of Washington D.C. When he was just 10 years old, he says he woke to the terrifying sound of his mother screaming. He rushed outside to the driveway and found his mother's boyfriend dragging her.

"He just started immediately loading his gun and then he went over to my mother and then he put the gun up to her face," Williams says. "And he just shot her about two times in her face and she dropped right on the floor immediately. And I just remember all of this blood coming out of her mouth and just going all over the floor. And then he went to my brother and then he shot my brother. Then he came to me and he put the gun to my head."

William says he begged for his life. "I looked up into the sky and I was like, 'God, please, please don't let him kill me,'" he says. "And then for some reason, he just pulled back. And then he said to me, 'You can leave.'"
FROM: Bill Cosby Calls Out the "Dirty Laundry"
Published on October 17, 2007


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