Dad and son collecting canned goods

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Lend a Helping Hand
A basic, wonderful truth about all people is that through our choices and actions, we can make the world a better place. We don't have to do huge things to make a big difference. Even the smallest act of kindness has the power to resonate through this sometimes difficult and troubled world.

Individual acts of kindness and generosity of spirit change the world. Kindness is magical and contagious. A single smile brings on another smile; a "good morning" invites another greeting. Thoughtfulness, consideration and care enhance our well-being and others' too.

Ways to volunteer as a family:
  • Work at a homeless shelter
  • Work at a soup kitchen
  • Deliver a meal
  • Drive an elderly person to an appointment
  • Help out at the animal shelter
  • Collect canned goods for food banks
  • Visit a neighbor who lives alone
  • Walk the dog for a friend who is under the weather
  • Make quilts for children in Africa
  • Help raise money for malaria nets
  • Do a walkathon to raise money for breast cancer research
  • Help a child learn to read
There are infinite ways for your family to help in this world. I truly believe it is one of the greatest gifts we teach our children to show them through actions that they can make a positive difference in the lives of others.