Everyone from Julia Roberts to Sarah Jessica Parker to you—our Oprah.com readers—are telling the world about motherhood and about their moms!
Mother and DaughterFrom One Mother to Another
Sandra Magsamen reflects on the joys of motherhood and celebrates the nurturers all around us.

Elizabeth GilbertGreat Moments in Mothering
Eight women share the lessons they learned from their mothers, from heartache healed to their mothers' everyday acts of love.

Mother and daughterLearning from Each Other
Five mother and daughter pairs team up to reveal what they've learned in their relationship, both the sweet and bittersweet.

Julia RobertsCelebrities on Motherhood 
Julia, Sarah Jessica, Celine and more celebrity stars talk about the ups and downs of motherhood and what it all means to them.

Hilary Swank and her momLessons Learned  
Take your elbows off the table! Sit still! Matthew McConaughey, Hilary Swank and other stars share the most valuable advice they learned from their moms.

Destanee and Denise ClarkMother-Daughter Makeovers
Meet four young women—and their mothers—who fought the odds to live out a shared fantasy. 


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