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I was a box of Tampax for Halloween 2004. I worked for a start-up marketing company. We were not very p.c. I wanted to be funny, original and shocking without being too gross. I also wanted to make my costume for under $30. I ended up spending about $21 and winning a lot more. First, my husband and I got a dishwasher box, and I painted it blue. Then we cut out a hole for the arms and head, leaving the flaps in tact.

Next, I took two blue poster boards. Using a real box of Tampax, I drew on the poster boards to replicate the front of the real box. Then, I took contact paper and formed a circle, taking off just enough of the sticky part to make a perfect circle. I filled each one with batting. Last, I took the yarn and braided it and tied it to my waist. It kinda hung out of the box all day. My arms were sore from the box, but it was worth winning our office contest!

— Stephanie; Roseville, California


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