Father's Day for Everyone
Socializing expert Allana Baroni shares inspiring stories and creative ideas to celebrate Dad with the whole family this year!
Father's Day card and gift
I feel like I've just been let in on a huge secret about men: They are wildly, massively and intensely more sentimental than they're usually given credit for. I interviewed some dads this week, and man, get 'em talking about their families and their sweet, protective sides shine with heart-on-sleeve openness. They all champion their family's happiness in the most direct way possible. It's easily summed up in one word: security—emotional as well as physical.

I inquired about their favorite Father's Day traditions, as well as any ideas on how to make new ones. It's Dad's day, but across the board, the dads all want to share the spotlight and celebrate their whole family. Also, they shared a common desire to stay connected. Not something you often hear from men? I always thought of that as more of a woman's motto. But each one had simple plans to accomplish just that. Here are some heartfelt ideas—inspired by the dads I spoke with—to enhance family connections on Father's Day.