Chris used to emotionally abuse Loretta

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Chris began emotionally torturing his wife Loretta shortly after they got married two years ago, screaming names at her, such as "bitch", "slut" and "whore". He says he wouldn't stop until he made her cry.

Oprah: What else would you do?

Chris: Everything that you can possibly think of, with the exception of hitting her. To an extent I think it would have been better if I had hit her… because she would have gotten over the bruises from that a lot quicker than from my actual words…I would not stop. She left the room, I followed. I would not stop until she cried.

Oprah: And the first time you're called [profane names], you felt what?

Loretta: Well, at first it was anger, you know? Because I wasn't used to something like that. I lashed back out…I started yelling at him. But as it went on—you just start taking it and sitting there and you become more and more [beaten down].
FROM: Oprah Investigates: Emotionally Tortured Wives
Published on October 05, 2004