Dr. Robin Smith
Are you willing to open your heart to things you may not agree with? In the aftermath of the midterm elections, Dr. Robin looks at our willingness to embrace change and difference. Dr. Robin says even though we may not agree with another person's views, it's important to be open to them and accept the differences.

How many people do you shut out or write-off because they speak a word, or have a view, that you don't agree with? Maybe the word is "pro-life," "stem cell research," or "gay marriage." Those words are so charged, Dr. Robin says. "But you know what's missing? We are not daring to embrace coming to know someone who is different," she says.

Dr. Robin says it's ridiculous that we would miss out on all the ways in which we could benefit from each other, grow from each other and expand our own world view, just because we have a difference of opinion. In fact, she says, we can always learn from one another, despite our differences.

Dr. Robin urges you to find someone you know who you disagree with on a very important issue and set up a time to ask them about their position. "Find something about their position that in all honesty you can say you value," Dr. Robin says. "And it doesn't mean you agree. It means you're growing and expanding your own mind, your own personality, your own character, your own spirit and your own being.

"Having relationships with people is far more essential to living your best life than being 'right,'" Dr. Robin says. "People who have to be "right" are people who lose out on connection."