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After returning home from the counseling session with Dr. Hendrix, Wendie decides to tell more than just Leslie. She sets up her own video camera and sits down to reveal what she has been hiding all along. "I'm just recording about what I shared with Leslie a few days ago," Wendie says. "I confessed to her that I was numbing—and the way that I was numbing was with pain medication. I guess the reason why I wanted to tell her is because I've been kind of dancing around it and saying it in so many words but not being able to completely come out with it."

Wendie says she was first prescribed pain medication for her Caesarean when Bailie was born. Since then, she has been abusing OxyContin to numb her internal pain. "I think the thing that I struggle with the most is forgiving myself—that gets me stuck," Wendie says. "The more that I hate myself, and the more that I feel that I'm not worth it, the more that I use to try to heal that pain."

Although she wasn't planning on revealing her secret, Wendie says she decided not to take the easy way out. "I was tired of holding it in," she says. "It needed to come out."
FROM: Dr. Oz and Dr. Harville Hendrix Confront a Couple on the Edge
Published on June 02, 2008
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