Featured Dogs of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show
For more than 100 years, the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show has been awarding Best in Show to remarkable dogs. Meet some of the breeds recognized by Westminster.
The bulldog was originally bred for bullbaiting. The bulldog's sour expression contradicts its warm, happy and embracing personality.
Sussex spaniel
Sussex Spaniel
The Sussex spaniel's leisurely approach to its work is a perfect match for the gentleman hunter on foot.
Writer Dave Barry calls the beagle "a nose with four legs." It will follow the scent until it accomplishes its job.
The tiny Pekingese will fool you with its top-heavy, pear-shaped body under all that hair.
Parti-Color Cocker Spaniel
Parti-Color Cocker Spaniel
Cocker Spaniels are wonderful, happy family dogs who can still do it all in the field, too.
Shih tzu
Shih Tzu
The shih tzu was the choice of royalty for centuries, which explains why it expects to be treated as such today.
Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever
The Nova Scotia Duck-Tolling Retriever
The Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever plays a little game at the water's edge to attract curious ducks within range of the hunter.
Bichon frise
Bichon Frise
The bichon frise is a little cotton swab of a dog that was the pet of royalty for hundreds of years.
Colored bull terrier
The Colored Bull Terrier
The strong, powerful colored bull terrier is gentle and loving of children and adults alike.
English toy spaniel
English Toy Spaniel
The English toy spaniel has been a popular subject in artwork for centuries.

Shetland Sheepdog
The Shetland sheepdog is a high-energy, hardworking and intelligent herding dog.